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East Side Union High School District: Reinstate BINGO At OGHS Run By The Oak Grove Band Boosters

The BINGO game at Oak Grove High School is a major source of funding for the Marching Band and Colorguard at OGHS. Without this fundraiser, we will not be able to field a marching band next year and possibly ever again. This program is a huge part of the Oak Grove Community as well as the surrounding community… not to mention the importance of this program to all the individuals who were lucky enough to have been a part of it and those who are yet to come. Through a district wide audit, we discovered that our non-profit status and our bingo certification unfortunately was allowed to lapse… After this discovery, district insisted that we shut down our bingo until we file all the appropriate paperwork and get all the necessary certifications. We complied. Our current Booster club work tirelessly to fulfill all that was asked of us by the District and the City. We were successful in acquiring all the appropriate certifications YET the district continues to hesitate to allow our doors to open. Please sign this petition in support of encouraging the East Side Union High School District to allow the Oak Grove Band and Colorguard to reopen our BINGO program! Please sign ASAP!!!! We would like to take this petition to the next District board meeting!

Petitioning East Side Union High School District

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Students, Parents, & Alumni: We Need Your Support!

On Thursday January 15th at 6pm, the ESUHSD board will vote on whether to allow OGBB to have bingo again.

Students and parents: PLEASE attend this meeting to show the school board how much OG band and guard means to you.

PLEASE consider speaking (3 mins max) at the meeting to tell the school board why they should allow OGBB to have bingo again.

If they do not allow us to have bingo, Oak Grove may not have a marching band next year.

Bingo has been closed for almost 7 months, and OGBB simply does not have the $75-95,000 that it needs to fund a year of normal band, guard, and booster activities.

The meeting is held at the ESUHSD offices at 830 North Capitol Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133.

Please come and show your support.

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Summer 2014 – Spring 2015 Information Sheet (v4)


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If you would like to work shoreline this summer and are not trained our last training is coming so please go to and search for group ogbbshoreline and enter the password ogbbteam

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Sharks, Shoreline & Bingo Opportunities

How to receive information regarding sharks, shoreline or bingo? The answer is to Be Connected!

It is important to sign up for the three Qlubb sites that OGBB hosts. Valuable information is given out through those sites regarding training and work opportunities.

Being a member does not require you to work, it allows you to be informed of upcoming training and work opportunities at each of the venues.

To become a member of these sites, just visit the links below and sign up. The process is fast and very simple.
password: ogbbteam
password: ogbbteam
password: ogbb

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OGBB Jacket Order Form

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OGBB Polo Order Form

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